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Dentist Act 1984

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New 25 March 2015

UK Immigration

Disturbing mess we’re in. The BBC avoiding it.

Russia’s Military + Immigration

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GDC Police and ACPO Inquiry Statement


New 12.01.15 ARF Legal ‘Brain-drain’

Department of Justice to be challenged over the GDC’s annual retention fee being swallowed by a game of ‘ping-pong’ between fat-cat lawyers defending dentists in the High Court. Coming.

New 11.01.15 Judiciary Reform

Lord Chancellor’s plans to change current rules for judges and in cases where a public authority has acted unlawfully welcomed by Disac. Patient and dental focus group demand a Blueprint Reform of Judiciary  Grayling’s Commons Proposal  

New 11.01.15 GDC ‘Bypassed’

Dental victims reject ‘soft’ regulatory law for dialogue with police authorities and ACPO on criminal law in dentistry. Coming.

New 07.01.15 GDC ‘Stranglehold’

Regulator’s monopoly in the dental market with no evolutionary law reform threatens ability to mitigate risks, consumer revolution, more powerful social pressure - but commercial oligarchy. This in turn endangering traditional democratic institutions and stagnate regenerative technology.  Coming in our Manifesto.

New 19.12.14 NHS Micro-Management

System failures in adapting to new-style delivery of healthcare, this for coping with rising demand in consumption and hitting government targets, is at risk of creating negative connotations, adverse domino effects e.g. not fulfilling patient quality expectations, poor leadership, vulnerability of and low morale of subordinates. All in all producing more cases of complaints about doctors - and resulting in regulatory fitness to practice investigations.  More coming in No-fault and Regulation  

EU Consumer Protection Law and Dentists

Immigration  EU Directives and Treaties

New 04.01.15 Dentistry in ‘Crisis’

Dentists may now be forced to take out public liability insurance to cover serious offences, not considered the domain of GDC fitness to practice, and as medical indemnifiers use their power and flexibility of discretionary protection.  Manifesto, coming.

New 19.12.14 GDC Crime Exposed

Police and independent expert witness reports to be published following official enquiry with ACPO into corruption, criminality and neglect between the health regulator, industry and legals.

Immigration  EU Directives and Treaties

New 18.12.14 ‘Striking Off’ Of GDC

The Secretary of State can intervene if it is found that a registrant does not conform to legislation of the Companies Act 2006.  In particular if this carries the backing of a reputable, or government authority investigation. We are confident that the outcome of the police enquiry that we have called for over the GDC’s acquittal of Devonshire House, Nick William’s complaint will prove beyond reasonable doubt - sufficiency in this regard.  

18.12.14 Dental Body ‘Corporates’
GDC Council to be challenged under Sections 26B and 36M of the Dentists Act 1984 to strengthen public protection. Coming.

17.12.14 Dentistry Not Fit Nor Safe   

The industry’s suitability and entry to a free unfettered market comes under increased scrutiny, coupled with its ‘regulator’ - the GDC’s registration of Companies House. Coming.

No Fault and Regulation

New 18.12.14 ICO Should Be Prosecuted

Information regulator must be taken to task for entering into third-party association with dentist’s legal representatives in consumer complaints and without patient’s express consent, but particularly where this communication entails a breach of the FOI, DPA Acts - or compromises data integrity. Coming.

17.12.14 Call for Abolition of EU Law
And of the MHRA Medical Devices Directive.  More coming.

17.12.14 GMC and Immigration
Foreign doctors and healthworkers prefer not to disclose Nationality. And is Britain now trading citizenship? More coming in: Immigration

The Vanishing White Race  EU Directives and Treaties  

New 17.12.14 The Bible and Darwin

Are chosen most influential books by British readers More

New 16.12.14 Indigenous Heritage Threatened

The protection of the heritage of indigenous peoples continue to come under constant threat and as local communities find ways of promoting their intellectual property and ownership rights.  This is because we now live in an era of capitalist economies and global markets, which is why knowledge and information about this is so pressing. Maintaining and preserving culture

Immigration  Vanishing White Race  EU Directives  

Monday 15 December @ 09:30

BBC Anti-Nationalism Attacked

In denouncing the 1930’s - when British society was in good shape under a Nationalist political union.  Coming in: Immigration

Monday 15 December @ 08:30

Britain’s Open Borders?

New research suggests the imposing of mass immigration onto
the UK by the EU may not be totally legal or in International law.
More coming in:
Immigration  Vanishing White Race

Monday 15 December @ 07:30

GDC Under Hansard Review

Amid poor performance of the Dentist’s Act 1984 MORE

Have your say: Reform and Recommendations  MORE

More coming in:  EU Directives  No Fault and Regulation

Migrant Births - NHS Sustainability

Maternity claims represent the highest value and third highest number of clinical negligence claims reported to the NHS - of which litigation pay-outs has doubled under the Coalition Government. But is this only to be expected with rising demand, increased immigration levels and or expectant mother’s arriving in Britain?  More   Immigration   Vanishing White Race


The Department of Health’s too altruistic and porous regulations are encouraging health tourism exploitation and ineligible treatments for illegal immigrants. The General Medical Council’s ‘Good Medical Practice’ also conflicts with such Government policies, and boosting misuse of taxpayer-funded services. All in all ineffective guidelines proving bad and dangerous for patients. So, should ‘regulatory’ law switch to criminal law for consumer protection?  

More coming in:  EU Directives  No fault  Immigration

Recent 10.12.14 Life in Britain

International prestigious resource consultancy gives the UK a poor ranking in their quality of life survey. With the USA cross-states much worse. MORE

Britain Slipping Down

League table for World liveability MORE

New 10.12.14 Imperialist Russian Empire

Federalist state(s) population 142.5m (UN) 2007 and rising number of super-rich even so reports a lower life expectancy, particularly so for men, this below less developed, poorer - third world countries. Despite Putin’s multi-million healthcare investment programmes.  Coming in Immigration

A wider analysis of this to come in Immigration