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Dentist Act 1984

NEW Wednesday 21:30 23.04.14

‘Corporate’ dental neglect reaches court

Patient advised that 5-year old ‘temporary worn-out plastic’ Straumann implant bridgework inserted by Devonshire House Dental will fracture, but refuse when asked what these implications will be. GDC condone this action. Should vulnerable victims be subjected to this kind of fear and anxiety in a civilised society? Or is it now time to seriously apply criminal sanctions as a replacement for failed statutory regulation and cases of medical negligence and injury? More coming on criminal law.





Wednesday 22:00 23.04.14
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Breathtaking Hypocrisy
Especially coming from Attorney General Dominic Grieve who did very little from preventing the adoption of Islamic Sharia law in Britain - under Blair’s ‘Third-Way’.

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Grandparental ‘target stripping.’ Duncan- Smith sinks to new level of depravity as disabled parents are stopped benefits if DWP ‘Bank Spies’ identify grandparents have savings. While immigrants, asylum seekers and migrants get full trimmings.
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