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New 26.11.14 Information Commission caseworker’s named in Police enquiry of the General Dental Council. More details to follow. Statements

Immigration ahead of the Election 2015. Immigration

Medical No-fault and Regulation

EU Consumer Directives More

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New 28.11.14 Francis Public Inquiry

No marked improvement in regulation. We analyse key report recommendations vs performance. More to come in No-fault

New 28.11.14 An ‘Historic Victory’

Great for democracy, justice and a duty of candour.

People power win as regulation and law slow to reform. More

New 28.11.14 United Kingdom Break-up

The inevitable. States; nations; federations; kingdoms; rival kingdoms; empires; townships; overlords; colonies; cities; mega-cities; territories. Whatever future demographic groupings - and if the current rate of migration is not drastically cut - Britain will need 10 new cities amounting to almost twice the population of Scotland. More  Immigration

New 27.11.14 EU Medical Devices Law
Patients directly challenge MHRA Parliamentary Executive over ‘non-compliance’ of legislation.  More  No-fault

New 27.11.14 DOH ‘Duty of Candour’ Law Demand for equal clarity and private healthcare sector. More

New 27.11.14 Information Commission Blasted

For bashing public authorities and too ‘lighter touch’ in private and corporate business sector.  More  ICO

26.11.14 UK Cancer Survival Rates Below Third World

26.11.14 Most Recent Population Growth
In Europe results from migration. But European immigration patterns need more empirical research on how immigration impacts on the public finances of host countries. More

26.11.14 Tourists Could Be Migrant Target

New 26.11.14 Doctors and Dentist’s Practice
Must be subject to laws of contract and fiduciary. Patients must have greater control of medical records as ‘legal’ documents: personal information - intellectual ‘ownership.’

New 25.11.14 Britain's Finest Tradition of Laws

Antiquarian, and possibly the most important Treaties ever written in English language - powerfully influential in English common law internationally has never been annulled, legally or constitutionally reformed for ‘all things personal.’ Meaning that an individual’s human rights and liberty may have been breached and denied. In their not having ownership and intellectual property rights of personal information (contained in records). FOI  Blackstone’s